We are tired of repeating food, since i came to this country 2yrs some month ago the same food, i want to ask the authorities a question (is this the same food they eat everyday)? if yes we are tired of that and we need money to buy something delicious that essen package. One thing that surprise me most is that i never had spot on my face but when i came to Germany and started eating this food they gave us i notice my face with some little spot so i wonder why,and i go to the doctor and complain the doctor said may be is the food am eating that why this things are coming then i say to the doctor i had something extra to eat except the food am receiving from the goverment and then i ask him a question.What can i do to stop this things? he said there is no option and i dont have any other food to eat except this food and still am receiving the same food no different food always the same and same food.

We are tired and fed up of this, we need live our lives like human and not like a slave or a prisoner which can be served, we need good food not because we are refugees that why they treat us like that, we need equal right and justice to build up a better nation that the world will focus on.

This is the reason why so many lagers are on strike for the food package we need money to have various types of food like the way normal people are living in this land.

Hope this message will treated as early as possible.

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