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if you wish to get a job done

exactly as you wish it to be done, then it is better to do it yourself.

kudi kar bulend itna (urdu)

increase your selfesteem to such heights that before creating each destiny god himself would have to ask the human:
what is your opinion about this?


he believed if you do good deeds, good things will happen.
until the day that changed everything.
this is his journey.
greater than our limits
more than just a name.

they say if you want something with all your heart ..

ladies and gentlemen!
i have wanted you so much and so badly it is true.
that the entire universe has conspired for me to get you.
one minute!
hold on! poetry!
didn´t get it?
shall i do something simple?
a bet take 2.

They say: if you want something with all your heart, then the universe will work in every way possible,to help you get it. today you have given me everything that i wanted. thank you very much.
i feel like the King of the world.
thank you for making me believe that.
just like in our films in life too: finnaly in the end everything is ok.
happy endings.
and if it is not happy then it is not the end, my friends!
the film is not over yet!

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