I want to come and stay in Villa Azadi, what do I need to do?

If you are an unaccompanied minor, which means you are younger than 18 years old and you are in Greece without any relatives or other adults responsible for you, you can go to the Gree Refugee Council in Athens, the Red Cross in Patras or any other refugee institution in other places of Greece and ask to be send to us. Otherwise you can also directly e-mail us by using the form bellow or contact us by phone (22520/22259).

I have not applied for asylum, can I still come?

Yes, to be stransferred to our refugee centre you can have either the deportation order or a Pinc Card.

How does Villa Azadi decide who can come and stay there?

After you have applied to come to us the organisation supporting you or the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity will contact us and ask if we have free places. If we have no free places we will put your name on a waiting list and inform you whenever you can come and it is your turn. We give preferance to the youngest applicants who need more protection, to vulnerable cases (i.e. sick minors) and to minors who have been transferred earlier to our centre, left and who want to return because they are under the special protection of our president (their guardian).

I am 19, can I still come?

Unfortunately the answer is no. We are a camp for underage refugees.

I am underage, I have a close family member (mother, father, adult sister or brother) in an other European country and I want to go there. Can you help me to go?

Yes, there is a European regulation called Dublin which includes the legal possibility to be reunited with your family and thus travel legally to your relative and apply for asylum there. We have a lawyer who can support you with your case if you come and stay with us after applying to be transferred to our camp (see above).

If you have more questions or want to come and stay here please fill in the form bellow.

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