Information for Schools

Dear teachers and pupils,

Villa Azadi is hosting 96 unaccompanied minors. They are refugees that are in the age to go to school. They are children and teenagers that just want to have a normal life, a life without fear and danger. Unfortunately they cannot be with their families for the time being. They are far from their friends and in a new environment. Being a stranger is not easy and one of the most important things for them is to be seen and to be heard. They want to learn, they want to play, they want to talk and listen to people. Meeting new friends and sharing ones stories and experiences with eachother is worth more than you think.

We welcome classes and individual visitors after making an appointment but we also come and visit your lessons and tell you something about the life of a refugee if you want. When we visit schools, we usually come together with some of our boys. We can tell you something about the general situation of refugees and especially minors in Greece and your pupils can talk with our minors and exchange experiences in discussions.

Please contact us by using the form bellow if you are interested in either of both possibilities.

Thank you!

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