Dear journalists,

Villa Azadi is welcoming everybody who wants to learn something and inform the society about the camp and the situation of unaccompanied minors.

There is an official procedure to ask for the permition to visit Villa Azadi and publish articles about it. You will have to call the directorate of the foundation Theomitor and ask the president Mr. Apostolos Athinaios for permition. In the next step please contact us by filling in the form bellow or by phone (+30/22520/22259) to ask the co-ordination of the camp for permition and to arrange the exact date and time of your visit and every other details.

For visual media like photography and film we allow only very limited access in order to protect the basic rights of the minors living here. We do not allow to take pictures from the faces of the minors in general.

We are open to interviews taken from the staff but in every case you need the permition of the minors living here if you want to interview them.

Villa Azadi is a the home of the minors living here. It is a protected and private space that needs to be respected.

Thank you!

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